I am happy to report that my story Naamah’s Ark was shortlisted for the 2018 Peter Carey Short Story Awards. This is a wonderful result for a story about a woman living her life in the shadow of other people’s stories.

Ann Casey ultimately won the oversized novelty cheque with her intriguingly-named story ‘Being the Mother’, which I can’t wait to read in the Spring edition of Meanjin. My mother, who attended the ceremony, claims that I came third. While third place is Not A Thing with this award, I am going to take it.

Of course, this is all old news. Once my name was published in Books & Publishing, the pressures of fame forced me to leave the country for four weeks. And I’ve only just sufficiently recovered from the jet lag and the even-greater-pressures of keeping up with Love Island UK via Twitter to be able to post about it. True story.



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