A small request

A smiling woman standing outside a bookshop

I’m writing this from 3012, one of the postcodes in Melbourne recently cast back into Stage 3 restrictions until the end of the month. While I’m completely okay about taking “one for the team” and I know that the people in the nine high-rises under complete lockdown are doing it much tougher than me, there is one small sadness: I had planned to visit some bookshops over the school holidays to see my book on their shelves. To date, I have only seen The Spill in two bookshops – The Sun Bookshop and Readings (Carlton). I had been patiently waiting for the world to open up enough for me to go on a little tour and instead, that world has closed back in on itself… for now.

So…  if there is a local independent bookshop within your orbit, please look out for The Spill. And if it doesn’t feel too weird or book-stalkery, please take a photo of it and do one of the following things:

You can even use the tag #isawthespill (if you feel that way inclined). Also, please tag/mention the bookshop itself, wherever possible.

Thank you…

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