Brimbank Readers & Writers Festival

Next month, as part of the Brimbank Writers & Readers Festival, I will be facilitating a panel discussion with Amra Pajalic, Manal Shehab and Harish Gulati.

Friday 27 March
Sydenham Neighbourhood House
Station Street, Taylors Lakes VIC

Stories of Strength & Resilience
What do you do when life gets hard? How can you draw strength from difficult situations?

Join local storyteller Amra Pajalic and author and community leader Manal Shehab as they share their stories of living with a parent with Bipolar, and domestic violence – and how their stories can empower others.

Life Coach and author of Think before you Think, Harish Gulati, brings a range of strategies about self-care and living a healthy, happy life and how to reach your full potential.



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