The Hidden Drawer
Two strangers exchange secret messages about their unhappy married lives in the suburbs via a secret drawer in a local cafe, unaware that others are watching…

The Hidden Drawer is about the hollow-chested yearning that comes with middle age and the unexpected connections that can be found amidst the drudgery of everyday life.

Out of Water
A woman finds a wedding ring on the beach inscribed with two names and a date and she posts it on Facebook, hoping to find its rightful owner. As she begins to uncover a secret marriage, the tragic death of a child and the bizarre end of a man in a home-made fish suit, she realises that the ring isn’t quite the gift to the owner that she thought it would be.

Out of Water is a book about motherless children and childless mothers.

Each Other (working title)
A car overturns on a remote West Australian road. While nobody is badly hurt, the damage caused by this accident is felt for decades by the woman and two children involved.

Each Other examines how no two people can ever experience the same thing in the same way and how memory bends, twists and fractures those experiences over time. .